I am fascinated by the paradoxical activity of dissolving physicality and giving 

form to the ephemeral. Much of the focus of these abstract collages is the 

changing light in a garden, and the development of our perception as fluid beings 

in a seemingly solid form. I view the pieces as vibratory portraits of our internal

world, with its activity, free or contained. The images define the interplay of 

material, emotions, and spirit, with its implications of motivation, true intent and 

being carried away.

     I am attracted to the shimmer and variety of color in our refuse, which is an 

abundant material, a sort of urban plankton. It reflects the changes in our daily 

needs and tastes. My collages use forms and colors found from these discards 

of our ‘to go’ life, all of it commercial packaging  produced to spark desire and 

protect from harm. Shapes are cut from foil and colorful plastic bags 

using deconstructed boxes as patterns. The pieces are assembled symmetrically 

on acetate, paper, or without a ground, directly on the wall, bringing them more 

into our space. With an intuitive approach I combine the colors looking for a 

fragile, fleeting quality, contemplative and unmonumental. Shine, reflection, 

shadow, layering and veiling give flatness and depth. More sculpture than

illusion, these pieces change with light and our  perspective. There is suggestion 

of architectural blueprints, mineral growth, refracted light, or mandalas for 

meditative practice. Fluidity in a square, I want these pieces to intrude curiously on 

our quotidian mundane world.

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