Initially I was attracted to plastic bags as I walked near my studio in 

Chinatown. I saw orange red bags bright in the sunlight with the color of the 


contents showing through. Here was packaging, an outer surface, 


a container. It made products appealing, it protected and transported


what was inside. I am attracted to the shimmer and variety of color in 

our refuse, an abundant material that is nearly invisible, an urban plankton. It 

reflects the changes in our daily needs and tastes.

     All of nature recycles. What have we dropped that might be useful? I 

want to reverse the flow; take a mass-produced discard, put it through 

an alchemic process and make it into something unusual. 

     I am fascinated by the paradoxical activity of dissolving physicality and 


giving form to the ephemeral. These images are influenced by the changing light in 


garden and our perception as fluid beings in a seemingly solid form. They

imagine the interplay of material, emotions, and spirit. I cut shapes from

foil and colorful plastic bags. With an intuitive approach I combine the

pieces looking for a fragile, fleeting quality, contemplative and intimate.


    The plastic pieces are joined with tape or sometimes stitching, a kind of drawing. 

The work has been on paper or acetate, in tubes or more recently on photographs of

older collage pieces. The translation of two and three dimensions, one to the other 

or their confusion has been an underlying theme for much of this work. How do we 

perceive our inner and outer being? How is our invisible side visible on our surface? 

Shine, reflection, shadow, layering and veiling give depth and movement. More object 

than illusion, these pieces change with the light and our perspective.